If your idea of a dream vacation includes trout fishing in some of the most a picturesque surroundings in the world, PAKISTAN is the place for you. Northern land of Pakistan offers excellent trout fishing from May to September, against awesome backdrop of towering mountains, vast undulating valleys are dotted with scores of serenely placid lakes and cress-cross by turbulent rivers, fast flowing streams and whispering brooks. The trout (brown trout that is Salmo trutta) species was introduced in Gilgit from Europe by political officers in 1916. It has large scales, thickly spotted dark and red spots on the sides.

Northern Areas includes the District of Gilgit, Skardu, Diamir and etc which are as a whole forms an integrated part of the old Jammu and Kashmir state extending from the Kilik and Mintika Passes in the north and the Shandur Pass in the West. It occupies the inner Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakoram ranges traversed by numerous ridges which are parallel to each other forming valleys in between which are the centres of inhabitation — the area as whole is very mountainous and rugged.

You will visit places whose virgin beauty will hold you spellbound. Nature magnificence in its raw, unspoiled form and that includes the people inhabiting these regions, friendly and gentle but shy. These tours will give you opportunity to see the nature and culture of mountain people in the north of Pakistan. The trout fishing spots in the North of Pakistan:

Kaghan Valley:

Kaghan Valley has some of Pakistan’s best trout fishing and six authorized reaches in the Naran locality.

Kalam Valley:

In Kalam Valley there are many well-known spots for fishing. MAHODAND means “Lake  of fishes”. The lake is surrounded by Pine trees and beautiful grassy meadows. The KUNDALU LAKE is between Utror and Gabral and excellent for Trout fishing.


PHANDUR LAKE is magnificent with the Ghizer River. The lake is situated at the altitude of about 2800m, is well-stocked with trout. The HANDRAP LAKE is also wellknown for its trout fishing which is situated at west of Phunder.


SATPARA LAKE is situated 8km south of Skardu town. Satpara Lake is beautiful lake in Skardu and also well-stocked with trout fishes. There are also many well-known spots in Northern Areas of Pakistan, like Rama Lake in Astore and Deoasi Plateau (highest plateau in the world) and in Chitral Valley for trout fishing.

We can arrange the fishing tours in these areas of Pakistan in natural atmosphere
pertaining to your particular interest. You may also discover the nature around and meet
the local people of these areas.