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Pakistan traces its history back to 2,500 years B.C., when a highly developed civilization in the Indus Valley, excavations at Harappa, Moenjodaro, Kot Diji and Mehr Garh have brought to light, the evidence of an advanced civilization existing even in more ancient times. Around 1,500 B.C., the Aryans overwhelmed this region, and influenced the Hindu civilization, whose center moved to Ganges Valley, further east. Later, the Persians occupied the northern region in the 5th century B.C. up to the 2nd century A.D. The Greeks came in 327 B.C., under Alexander of Macedonia, and passed away like a meteor. In 712 AD, the Arabs, led by Muhammad Bin Qasim, Landed somewhere near modern Karachi and ruled the lower half of Pakistan for two hundred years. During this time, Islam took roots in the soil and influenced the life, culture and traditions of the people. Continue Reading >>>>>>>
Continental Tours & Trekking Pakistan organizes and conducts expeditions, safari jeep, cultural trips, mountain trips and all land trips to iz China. We offer you something new and special on your journey. You are more than just tourists to our country, you are our honorary guests. Whether you visit north or south of Pakistan, our hospitality tradition will strengthen the ties of feelings between you and our local residents. We are in Gilgit, Northern Areas. All employees of our working team come from the legendary land of Hunza. We believe in individual service and do our best to ensure that every trip and hike is unforgettable. Our principle is to provide the best value for money and that is the basis of our reputation. We provide a high standard of services during the journey to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

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When you travel with Continental Tours & Trekking every second is magical. You won’t just see a destination, you will meet it, feel it and taste it. Travel in style and stay at premium hotels in the right location. Discover new cultures and people with authentic dining experiences that take you to the heart of a destination. Welcome to the art of traveling in style! Our expert tour guides are friendly, polite and knowledgeable, and look forward to entertaining you whilst you to relax in comfort and sample the very best our country has to offer. We specialize in hosting luxury tours across Pakistan can happily accommodate individuals, couples, families and groups with best fleets of luxury tour vehicles. All vehicles are air conditioned, very comfortable. Whilst our service is built around luxury our prices are very reasonable, so you won’t have to compromise on your tour itinerary. We also provide complimentary refreshments and other luxury items to make your tour experience that extra bit special.


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